Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church

Aurora, IL

The Resource Center offers the convenience of borrowing and buying faith-based materials to our parish family, right at the church.

Book and CD Sales

We provide basic religious items and devotionals for sale, as well as a limited supply of religious CDs, books and Bibles for both adults and children of all ages.

Selections periodically change, and the sales do include seasonal items.

We will happily try to fill any requests for specific items. The offerings are in both English and Spanish.

Lending Library

The lending library is made up of a growing collection of books, booklets, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and cassettes.

Book Database as of 09-06-2018

CD Database as of 09-06-2018

Video Database as of 09-06-2018

Note: These files will be updated periodically as new materials are acquired.

Our OLGC Lending Library materials provide a wealth of spiritual enrichment covering a wide variety of topics.

The library was re-established in June of 2013 in the hallway between the rectory and the church, it’s old home from over 50 years ago.  In October of 2014 it was moved into vacant office space in the rectory.  The collection was divided into two rooms which has allowed for further growth.

The current collection is made up of donated books, periodicals, CDs. DVDs, and cassette and VHS tapes given by many generous individuals from within the parish, as well as from others, who wanted to contribute to this endeavor.  The collection changes as new materials are donated, and as monetary donations become available to purchase new materials.

For your convenience in browsing, all materials are divided in subject categories. The majority of the materials are in English, with a limited number of books and CDs in Spanish.

The library is open one weekend a month after the Saturday 4:30 p.m. Mass and from 9 a.m. -1 p.m. on Sunday. . The monthly schedule is posted at all entrances of the church. Anyone wanting to use the library at other times may do so by appointment. Call the parish office or Anne Strong.

Registration is required to be able to borrow materials. It takes only a few moments to complete.

Materials may be borrowed for a month with the option of renewing, if the item has not been requested by anyone else. To renew, stop at the library when open or call or email Anne at alpstrong@gmail.com.

A book drop and media drop are available at the hallway gate for your convenience. If the library is not open and you would like to return an item, just drop it in the drop box.

To help keep materials available for everyone, a late fee is charged of $1 per item per week it is late being returned.

The library collection and related data is maintained through a computer database. You will find a list of the collection here. The list includes title, author, publisher, format, category, release date and copyright.

Because of the limitations of this website, the synopsis for each entry cannot be accessed here. A synopsis is available for each item, and can be provided by emailing Anne at alpstrong@gmail.com or by asking at the library.