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Fr. Timothy P. Mulcahey


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Friday, April 20, 2018

Third Week of Easter

John 6:52-59

Friends, today’s Gospel declares that the Word really became flesh. Why has the Incarnation been resisted from the very beginning? Why is the extension of the Incarnation, which is the Eucharist, still such a source of division?

I think it has to do with flesh. God became one of us, as close to us as blood and muscle and bone. It is no longer correct to say simply that God is in his heaven and we are on the earth. It is not correct to say simply that God is spirit and we are matter. Matter has been invaded by spirit. In Jesus, God became flesh, and, more to the point, he invites us to eat his Body and drink his Blood. But that means that he wants us to take him into ourselves.

“Now, wait a minute!” many people think. That’s a little too close for comfort, for it means that he wants to be Lord of my flesh and my bones, that he wants to move into every nook and cranny of my life. My work, my recreation, my sexual life, my life of play—all those fleshy things that I do—he wants to be Lord of all of that! That’s precisely right.

Viernes, 20 de abril de 2018

Tercera Semana de Pascua

Juan 6:52-59

Amigos, el Evangelio de hoy nos dice que la Palabra realmente se hizo carne. ¿Por qué la Encarnación ha sido resistida desde el principio? ¿Por qué la extensión de la Encarnación, que es la Eucaristía, sigue siendo una fuente de división?

Creo que todo tiene que ver con la carne. Dios se hizo uno de nosotros, tan cercano a nosotros como la sangre, los músculos y los huesos. Ya no es correcto decir simplemente que Dios está en Su Cielo y nosotros estamos en nuestra tierra. No es correcto decir simplemente que Dios es espíritu y que nosotros somos materia. La materia ha sido invadida por el espíritu. En Jesús, Dios se hizo carne, y, a tal punto que, nos invita a comer de Su Cuerpo y beber de Su Sangre. Y esto significa que quiere que lo llevemos dentro de nosotros mismos.

“¡Ahora, un minuto!”, piensan muchas personas. Esto es un poco demasiado para mi comodidad, porque significa que Él quiere ser el Señor de mi carne y de mis huesos, que quiere moverse en cada rincón de mi vida. Mi trabajo, recreación, vida sexual, juegos, y todas las cosas que hago, ¡Él quiere ser el Señor de todo esto! Si, eso es precisamente así.


Vocation Corner

Cry out to the Shepherd

During my time in the seminary, my class had the opportunity to take a trip to Ireland to learn about the Church there and to experience the way that Catholics live their faith in that country. One of the places we visited on the trip was an ancient monastery that was tucked away in a very rural location. While we were touring the ancient site, we could hear the sound of a sheep that had gotten itself caught in the woods and separated itself from the rest of the flock. Even though we were all familiar with the sound a sheep makes, this sound was different. It was a sadder, more pitiful sound. So much so that we would have tried to help it if we could have gotten to it. As we were walking and wishing that we could help the sheep, one of my classmates said, “That’s how we sound.” He meant that when we pray to God, our prayers probably sound similar to Him as the cries of the lost sheep sounded to us on that day. It was a very striking moment for me, and his insight has stayed with me ever since then. Jesus reveals Himself to us as the Good Shepherd. He is a shepherd that is not only willing to come looking for us when we cry out to Him, but also to lay down His life for us. All He asks is that we simply follow Him and do our best not to go astray. However, even when we do stray, He is always willing to answer our cries and save us. When it comes to discerning a vocation, a big part of the process is crying out to Jesus over and over again. In His shepherd’s heart, He cannot bear to let us stay lost when we call out to Him. We must continually go to Him and ask Him for help in knowing the plan that He has for us. He always answers those prayers and brings us back into the fold when we are open to the help He has for us. Keep going to Jesus every day as the Good Shepherd and let Him be the one to pull you out of the weeds in your life and set you on the path that He has planned for you.

– Fr. Bobby Gonnella



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